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hope to see you again next time. remember the spin stops right here, which we are definitely looking out for you. >> sean: with the writing on the wall in 2010 prominent democrats are running scared in the span of 24 hours two surprising and devastating blows were delivered to the democrats' super majority in the senate. first the news came from north dakota that longtime senator byron dorgan would not seek reelection. then word began circulating that senator chris dodd would also be announcing his decision to call it quits after more than 30 years in congress. here's what countrywide mortgage's favorite senator told reporters earlier today: >> long sweep of american history there are moments for each elected public , to step aside and let someone else step up this is my moment to
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step aside. >> sean: veteran senators like dodd and dorgan aren't the only ones to fall victims to the backlash of failure. some are also throwing in the towel, colorado governor ritter confirmed he's ending his bid for reelection. the left is scrambling in michigan after lt. governor cherry informed the party he would be dropping out of the race for governor in that state. here to tell us what all these democrats and how they are running scared is former speaker of the house newt gingrich. he has a free online newsletter you can sign up at >> good to be with you, happy new year. >> sean: let me start with door again, dodd, ritter, cherry. are they abandoning ship? did they see a seismic change
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afraid they are gonna lose? >> dorgan doesn't quite fit that most people believed he would get relocked in north dakota. dodd was very badly damaged. ritter had become pretty much in trouble in michigan hofstra putting on such a good campaign and has gotten such a boat now with the attempted attack on detroit that pete is becoming a dominant figure in the stay. i think that was part of why lt. governor cherry probably dropped out faced with a president who couldn't have defended detroit. we were lucky the terrorist didn't know how to set off the bomb or we would have had a huge disaster. i think you are seeing a general decay when you take michigan, north dakota, connecticut, colorado, you add over the christmas break alabama democrat became republican. you see a growing pattern developing that has to mean that john boehner for example,
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feels encouraged he might become the speaker of the house after this election. >> sean: do you think that's possible? >> well, i think you have to go downstate by state. yeah, i would say that mitch mcconnell has a slightly higher mountain to climb although it is getting better every week in the senate. i would say in the house, the odds are at worst 1-3. i was swapping notes today with governor barbour you remember sean was the republican national committee chairman in 1994. he said to me that he thought the environment today was substantially better for republicans than it was in january of 1994. he believes we have a very real chance of electing john boehner speaker of the house. i think -- it's not done yet, a long way from here to november. i would say the cost of the various left wing policies starting with the grotesque
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health bills in the house and senate. the giant energy tax passed by the house. the terribly weak policies on terrorism. the huge deficits. all those things are coming together in a way combined with 10% unemployment. i think the democrats have got to carry a pretty big burden going into the election. >> sean: is it are or is it they are tone deaf? even with every poll showing, by double digits, americans don't want this national health care plan. they force it through. they use a system of taxpayer dollars to bribe senators for their votes because they can't get them otherwise. their poll numbers are in tank. the president's, nancy pelosi's harry reid's none of them are doing well. i guess the question i have is why aren't they getting the message from the public or are they just ignoring it? >> at least two things going on here. one, you have a secular social list ideology which
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understands that this may be its best chance for a generation to impose on america a big government, big bureaucracy high tax washington solution. so they are willing to gamble virtually anything this is their best chance sizzlin' done johnson with the great society in -- since lyndon johnson with the great society in 1965. never before have you seen a machine in the white house. willingness to bribe senators, fundamental dishonesty of the system. number one item on drudge today was eight different videos of candidate obama, pledging to have c-span in the room for negotiations. eight different times. people look at that level of dishonesty. it tells-í%y new is a ruthless machine that doesn't care what it says. it cares what it can get away with. >> sean: we are going to show our video in the nextment so great minds think alike.
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i only found four. eight of 'em, it's entertaining if it weren't so serious. for the president to, you know, break that promise, it seeps like he risks all his credibility. because it seems meaningless, his words, ring hollow! >> well health transformation just posting a youtube video to launch a letter we are asking people to come and help to ask the president to keep his word and allow brian lamb and c-span to cover the negotiation as they've offered to. second, what i'm struck with, this reminds me a little of 1990, when i think the people around president george h.w. bush had no idea the damage that breaking his read my lips, no new taxes pledge would have when he signed the tax increase. i think the obama people don't appreciate that a great deal of president obama's attract
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fiveness was the sense he was a -- attractiveness that he was a young, charismatic leader. i believe if they don't impose on pelosi on reid, lows was contemptuous today in her comments. she said the president has made many promises. almost contemptable. i think that it is important for us to recognize and i hope the president will recognize, this is a simple, straightforward promise that he made. nobody else made it. he's on tape eight different times, promising these negotiations would be on c-span. i think he will fundamentally break his word with the american people and suffer permanent damage. >> sean: i don't see how you can't suffer permanent damage. we are going to show that tape. and the tape that you referred to with nancy pelosi. look at the seats that are available. who would have thought that new jersey would go republican by four percentage points
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massive win by bob mcdonnell. i thought that would have been a wake-up call, lincoln, evan bayh, delaware, new york's seat, barbara boxer is in a little trouble. if you were to advise the republicans not only to be against an agenda they oppose what do they need to do to recreate perhaps what happened in 1994 when you became speaker of the house? >> you know, the key to this, i have an article coming out in february on this calling for a new contract with america. the key to this, is to be the alternative party not the opposition party. to explain how would you replace the failed policies. not just to oppose the failed policies. if you look at bob mcdonnell's campaign which 59% of the vote in a state where obama got 53% or kristi's campaign a very democratic state and he got four times the margin that
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whitman in 1993, i called governor elect cristy and asked him about it, he said the combination of opposition to taxes and being for school choice gave him a range for charter schools he worked with inner city groups he carried counties no republican had carried in a generation. when you talk to bob mcdonnell he will tell you positive jobs and energy plan his willingness to look for oil and gas offshore. his commitment to a no tax increase, jobs oriented, economic program. they made the difference and moved the republicans into a winning majority. that's the key to 2010. be the alternative party not the opposition party. >> sean: this will be, i predict one of the most consequence shall midterm elects in our lifetime. mr. speaker see you hopefully throughout the course of the year. thanks for being with us. that video -- video barack obama eight times yeah
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let's put it on c-span that and much more on hannity. >> we should have those negotiations in public on c-span. we're gonna do it publicly. we are going to have c-span on. >> sean: he was for it on the campaign trail. >> there are a number of things on the campaign trail. >> sorry congressman bad news for john murtha and the company that he likes funneling millions of your dollars to. >> plus michelle a frightening report on global warming from 1922. much more hannity straight ahead. my doctor said most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different --
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it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. also available in small, easy-to-swallow petites. citracal.
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>> sean: with all the emerging evidence suggesting yemen is a breeding ground for terrorists. the aclu has fond a way to disagree they say the
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president's decision will prolong a shameful chapter in american history without making americans safer. if the aclu were in charge of our national security we would be in trouble, actual danger. straight ahead.
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>> sean: tonight, calls to hold an open and transparent debate are growing louder. gop leaders and the ceo of c-span have asked nancy pelosi and harry reid to reconsider their decision to merge the bills behind closed doors. if memory serves me correctly even barack obama used to think that opening up the health care debate to the public was a good thing. let's take a look. >> we will work on this process publicly. it will be on c-span, it will be streaming over the net. here's the thing, this will all be televised on c-span. when we are negotiating for that plan we are going to have c-span on and you will see who
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is compromising the american people's interests. in bringing all parties together, not negotiating behind closed doors, but bringing all parties together and broadcasting those negotiations on c-span so the american people can see what the choices are. if other people have good ideas, republicans, democrats, i want to listen. here's the difference i'm gonna do it on c-span, publicly so you can watch to see what is your congressman doing. what is your senator doing. are your representatives looking after your interests when it comes to health care? we should have negotiations about the need for health care plan for all americans we should have those negotiations in public, on c-span. we'll have the negotiations televised on c-span so people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their
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constituents and who are making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies. >> sean: did he say c-span? words are only words on the campaign trial not to be taken seriously that's what nancy pelosi told reporters yesterday. when a reporter asked her about candidate obama's campaign programs to televise the debate on c-span here's how she responded. >> really? there are a number of things on the campaign trail. >> sean: ouch! i don't the president was too pleased when he heard that cheap shot. joining me to respond to all this fox business network our friend and colleague sandra smith and former white house communications director, nicole wallace. c-span. this is -- >> americans are watching that right now, probably laughing, but also asking a very important question, can we trust this man? >> sean: trust? i'm thinking, slick willie.
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honest -- when you see that, it is funny. what does it do to his credibility? >> i was white house communications director for president bushy did battle with just about every media organization in the country never ever did i cross swords with c-span it is really hard to get in trouble with c-span. >> now you have pelosi telling the president he should abide by his promises. >> sean: according to all these reports, i think eight times. it is not like he's going out on a limb and taking a political position. he's saying keep your promise. >> not to mention, we are going to sit around the table and have negotiations and have transparency. >> sean: i'm going to do it all on c-span. what do you make of nancy pelosi -- there are a number of things he was for on the campaign trail? >> she finally smoke the truth. >> sean: good answer. >> he's in a lot of trouble. not just with the liberals.
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before the christmas break he saw independents running away from the obama white house over miss givings about health care, misgivings about spending. now the most interesting thing to watch is how do they feel about his response to the terror attempt? >> sean: slow response to the terror. i think there is more anger -- i think they've misjudged the mood of the american people. there's more anger at the senate buying those votes cash for cloture. >> john boehner said it today, he said they are a breeding ground for more shady deals. that is what is going to happen. if we are about the cost now they are going to pile up making negotiations behind closed doors. >> sean: people party of the tea bag movement that went to those town hall meetings over the summer. if they go out in droves and vote this 2010 election is going to be massive. it is going to be a political
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earthquake we have not seen in our lifetime. >> the other thing, there's a lot of talk, i think the mainstream media likes to talk how the right we are fractured, tea party movement, moderates, establishment, what could unite us is anger over obama's hypocrisy. over the lies, over lying about something silly like putting the health care debate on c-span all of this could unite the different and important and powerful elements of the conservatives. >> sean: you were white house communications director where an axelrod, why don't they walk into the office and say mr. president you look silly. you ought to demand they put this on c-span? >> they have exposed him now to being a liar on obviously the c-span thing which is silly. they let him play six rounds of golf and see avatar after an attempted terror attack. no doubt in my mind these debates took place at the
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staff level. someone had to have misgivings about the guy standing in a golf shirt on day five saying we it under control. >> sean: by the way the system worked. the infighting is not just pelosi versus obama. you got blanch lincoln up for reelection this year, poll numbers in the tank likely to be voted outcome plaining and ripping the fact that ben nelson got had 100 million dollar medicaid exemption for his state. >> clearly by going against what the american people want this is the obama administration saying this is what we have to do to get this bill passed. polls show a majority of americans are against this bill. >> sean: what is the net result? what are the consequences for their acts? poll numbers down. >> poll numbers continue to go down and the president is putting himself at major risk. >> sean: what do republicans need to do to sort of capture this moment and turn this into a victory in 2010?
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>> historically speaking, parties regain power when they want to beat the other guy more than they want to fight among themselves. republicans need to day focused on defeating obama's liberal agenda, running democrats out of office in these local and statewide races. we had two victories upon which to bill new jersey and virginia governor houses big prizes there are lessons to be learned in those races. to start at the local level, uniting ourselves against this liberal agenda. >> sean: i have a plan. we are going to announce it, on this program coming up, in a couple short weeks. i'm not teasing. this is -- i have the plan. thank you very much. when we come back, a rare disagreement that i have with michelle mullikin. and a report has recently surfaced it confirms al gore's theories on global warming. could it be true al gore was
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right? not so fast. those details coming up.
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>> sean: the obamas are quickly becoming the first family of advertising. take a look at one of peta's new ads featuring michelle obama the animal rights group did not ask the first lady for permission to use her image in the ad. now they are in the white house's dog house. peta is not backing down. the group states the first lady has committed to not wearing fur and the world should know in peta's eyes that makes her fabulous. michelle obama is not the only member of the first family in the spotlight. check out this photo captured by a fox news producer in the heart of new york's times square. the so-called teflon president standing on the great wall of china wearing a weather proof
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brand jacket. that company may want to reconsider its ad campaign according to the latest poll numbers president obama is anything but weather proof. >> a defense contractor with close ties to john murtha is getting bad news. barred by the federal government from receiving any more earmarks from its favorite congressman. politic reports the company was agedly -- allegedly engaging in fraud and offering fraud kickbacks to other subcontractors as we've been reporting for months murtha's ties to the firm run deep he secured 50 million dollars in funds for them in recent years. for everyone watching in the congressman's district if this has been the reason you have been sending him back to washington all these years looks like you can cast your vote elsewhere from here on in. >> harold ford, jr. appears to be weighing another run for office the u.s. senate in new york. in a hillary clinton easy
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being move the times report he transplanted himself to the empire state three years ago has his sights set on the seat. if ford wants to have a shot in new york he needs to take another page from hillary clinton's playbook he needs to become a yankees' fan as soon as possible. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: america you are not gonna believe this. there may be something to this hold meltdown thing. we've just uncovered a report that could prove that what al gore has been saying all along is correct. firsthand account from a researcher who visited the arctic reports the existence of a radical change in climatic conditions and unheard of high temperatures in that part of the earth's surface. he says, many old land mashes are so changed as to be unrecognizeable.
9:28 pm
where great masses of ice were found, there are now often accumulation of earth and stones at many points where glaciers extended far into the sea have disappeared. the startling report was submitted to the state department published in the monthly weather review -- oh wait a minute, one minute, never mind this was written on october 10th, 1922. we should all be dead by now. that is the news tonight from hannity's america. >> it doesn't happen often tonight michelle malkin and i go head-to-head and debate whether full body scans at airport security are necessary or a violation of privacy? >> he's back, blog in the headlines again, -- blagojevich in the headlines again, a reality tv show. ugcl) yeacl
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's h fba icos y!tyft juneck yno itft'sse sut'cu tyftef (ckicli
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strawberry, lauper and blagojevich some of cast members on apprentice three. who does trump think will be the break out star? none other than blagojevich. he says -- let's see how he does in the boardroom. he wasn't that great at governor. straight ahead.
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i keep track of my entire business on this spreadsheet... and all of these. paid invoices go right here. bang! - that hasn't been paid yet. - what? - huh-uh. - all my business information is just a phone call away-- to my wife... who's not answering. announcer: there's a better way to run your business. intuit quickbooks online organizes your business in one place. it easily creates invoices and helps you stay on top of your business anytime, anywhere. this is way better. get a 30-day free trial at >> sean: almost immediately after the failed christmas day terror attack countries around the world announced they would
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be using full body scanners to screen passengers. because of the graphic images that the scanners are able to produce many people here in america are objecting to their use calling them a violation of privacy. joining me now with her take on this controversial topic, the author of the number one "new york times" best seller, "culture of corruption." michelle malkin is here, welcome back. >> thanks for having me back. >> sean: i don't often agree with michelle malkin. i think on this issue we are going to disagree which could be fun. where do you stand on this? >> it is not the privacy concerns that bother me so much sean as the fundamental iron use of trust and competence. the question comes down to do you trust the transportation security administration to administer this policy in effective manner? my answer is a resounding no. you have to take a look at the pick picture sean. the dna of the tsa is encoded
9:33 pm
with political correctness, pc. the first administrator of the tsa declared openly he opposed profiling. the fact is in so many ways, we are going through security kabuki. of theater of what you have is thousands of homeland security bureaucrats who have been ordered by superiors to make it look like they are doing something effective when we know is yet another hindsight measure. i'm not opposed to some of what obama has now ordered. for example, he has said that people who travel here from 14 countries, many of them state sponsors of terror or gentleman had did friendly regions will now get -- jihadi we get extra screenings we know it is not going to last long. we have eric holder, a friend
9:34 pm
of all these left wing groups who have undermined our security for so long. all of the rest of us will be massively inconvenienced to make us all feel better while they refuse to do the kind of profiling we do need here at home and abroad. >> sean: i hate this. i'm supposed to be disagreeing with you. maybe we start here, how about everybody if you are from another country and you want to come into the united states, every person should then have a scanner. could we start there? >> well yes, i'm not knee-jerk opposed to these kinds of scanning measures if they are administered by people who know how to do them and will to take the steps to discriminate, yes it is not a bad word to do that to preserve our national security. >> sean: look at these images on the screen. you can't see faces. if we could ensure that we
9:35 pm
could do this right. if we could have a guy in another room, in another building that has no idea that's michelle malkin going through right now, that's sean hannity going through right now. if we could put in place those safety measures to ensure privacy -- i've been on jetblue three times in the last two months. i travel with my wife and my two kids. if i have to go through the scanner to get on a plane so i know i can fall asleep and start snoring or read your book, you know, i want to be able to do that i'd rather be able to do that in peace not caring that some guy saw me half, well kind of full naked bad thought. to protect people against another underwear bomber. would you support that? >> well, i agree with you to this extent. i am not a civil rights absolutist i'm willing to undergo a certain amount of
9:36 pm
inconvenience to travel if it keeps us safe. the problem is from the very beginning of tsa, we hired people who were not on a war footing. if you look over the years at homeland security inspector general reports, that talk about the tsa's security force, they had to lower the background standards in many cases criminal backgrounds screening was completely gone. has become a huge boondoggle now they are going to siphon off 25 million dollars in stimulus funds -- >> sean: i'm beginning to despise this debate i have to invite an acl, person on we are not disagreeing. i have a question here. now we've got a guy that is putting a bomb in his underwear. so the question is, i want to feel safe getting on a plane. the question is, what -- if we don't have scanners, what do we use?
9:37 pm
>> look, i think you have to move further back in the homeland security process. the weak link in our system is the state department. i've been shocked at how little scrutiny there has been of hillary clinton and her lack of leadership in this area. it is foggy bottom that provides the first line of defense. abdulmutallab should never have gotten a in the first place absent all the intelligence we had dating back to august and november. he fit a profile of someone who should never have gotten a temporary visa. there are countless people like him still getting visas today. hillary clinton runs a diversity visa lottery program in place since september 11th, that hands out visas, randomly to people. it is crazy, insane. >> sean: i totally agree with you. i have not disagreed with a single thing you said. but, i do believe that it is important, you know for every american to prevent another attack, i think if we have these scanners, we have 40 in
9:38 pm
the u.s. right now at 19 different airports. we don't have a lot. if this would prevent an underwear bomber and we could get on a plane knowing nobody has a bomb, then i would prefer the peace of mind. i do understand civil libertarian concerns. it has got to be fully protected. the person has to be in another location. you can't have people communicating that is so and so going through. if it is a public personality. if they did that i would feel better on a plane. would you? >> if we had fewer fiascoes like this reason newark fiasco where tsa cameras were not onable. i might agree, we are hardly there yet. >> sean: all the things you are saying are right. michelle malkin, good to see you, happy new year. >> you too, thanks sean. >> sean: let not your heart be
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troubled. when we come back, our great, great, great american panel, next. ♪ ♪ quality and reliability...
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>> sean: tonight on our great, great american panel. he was worked at the "washington post", white house correspondent, fox news contributor juan williams is
9:42 pm
here. he's a columnist with the "wall street journal" author of how the obama administration threatens to undermine elections john fund is with us. she is the national security correspondent for the washington times sara carter is back. you just got back you spent a month with the troops in afghanistan on the frontlines, really? >> yeah we were in southern afghanistan for about a month and a week and spent all of our time with our troops. tough situation for them there. >> sean: you wrote a terrific piece about the new rules of engagement. we are tying the hands of our soldiers there? >> that's right. the story over and over again from our troops in afghanistan i traveled throughout all of afghanistan i spent the majority of my time in the heaviest fighting in the month of october the deadliest. the troops would say over and over again our hands are tied. we need to fight the taliban and al-qaeda. we need to fight them without having our hands tied behind our backs this is a serious
9:43 pm
problem this is the reason afghanistan has become so precarious. the taliban has grown so has al-qaeda right now troops are hoping there will be significant change and they will be able to do their job. >> sean: let me move on to another topic. very brave of you to go, you have two young kids, husband, journalists serving like the military, a big sacrifice. juan we showed the tape eight times president obama, i want to put it on c-span. every meeting that has taken place, he summons pelosi, reid and the leadership into the oval office, private meeting no republicans. now they are going to negotiate the senate and house investigation, no republicans behind closed doors. >> you are late i understand what are saying. you should have been making this argument all along. believe me it is not just summoning fellow democrats it's the insurance companies,
9:44 pm
pharmaceuticals, everyone has been cutting private deals way early in this negotiation. from the politicians' point of view my thinking is they don't want cameras in there because every compromise, every little thing nitpicked to death -- >> sean: that was the case he made. >> from a reporter's point of view he has trouble on transparency. from a liberal point of the view, trouble, requests, shield laws, he's not the guy that he campaigned as in terms of saying we are going to have a transparent government. >> sean: now he's got a bigger problem. that tape shows his word means nothing. >> look, he came from chicago out of chicago daley machine which don't do nothing with transparency. he is more chicago machine than he is good government liberal. now, the republicans have done this in the past but never with a -- with bail this important. imagine the bush administration what was their
9:45 pm
most ambitious bill? privatizing social security. can you imagine what the mainstream would day if delay, lott, cheney and george bush got into a room and decided to privatize social security with no one watching? there would be an uproar that is what is happening here with our health care. >> sean: on top of it the bribery the hundreds of millions. >> arnold schwarzenegger came out and said it was bribery. schwarzenegger and bloomberg, new york, california two most important political independents have both been supportive of obama care now they've said the bill is a disaster and it is going to hurt our states. >> sean: the political fall-out of the bribery and -- frankly, i mean this could be shown on the jon stewart show. >> he's losing the trust of the american people big time. this is an issue that i believe obama, you know when he came out, president obama said he was gonna be
9:46 pm
transparent, c-span we're going to have open discussion and he's going behind closed doors. the american public sean, isn't going to buy it. and they are not buying it. >> when they get health care reform they are going to say it was a major change of the kind that was made when we got social security, medicare, things we like. if this works people are going to say this is what was required because of republican obstruction and people who were trying everything [ talking over each other ] >> three years ago they had this plan in massachusetts. the highest health insurance premiums in the country. [ talking over each other ] >> sean: hang on a second. the american people, every poll has showed, they done want this. they don't want this bill. now we see how much money was spent, the taxpayer's money spent, bribing senators. then they do it behind closed doors and promised otherwise. how can the american people not respond with this is a government we cannot truce?
9:47 pm
>> are you kidding, come on! every political deals function on compromise, sean, so what. come on! [ talking over each other ] it has always been messy. [ talking over each other ] >> look there's so many, guys -- there's never been an ugly year bill in important to the american people. >> that is not the point. the point is, can you accomplish major change in american society right now, i'll say it evil done by insurance companies that take away your coverage. >> sean: they are going to ram it down america's throat, hide behind closed doors. >> once it is done, done by the end of the month or early february, the american people will see it for what it is and they can make a judgment. >> sean: the tone of the country -- >> just because of the fact
9:48 pm
that the american people don't appreciate having anything shoved down their throat. they want an honest debate. a public debate. even if obama has good intentions, president obama has to realize that you have to be open. you have to let the american people know what you're doing or they're not gonna buy it. >> sean: why are all the democrats leaving? they are jumping ship? >> they are looking at the polls. ben nelson beaten up in in barraza -- in nebraska today said i it was a mistake for obama to do melt care this year. >> sean: i don't think there's a moderate democrat left. the only one i can see switching is lincoln because she gonna lose. if she votes for this, she will lose. >> no, she not gonna lose. she is gonna come back. she is very strong in the state. got more republicans retiring now than democrats. just today you have a
9:49 pm
situation where you have two prominent democrats, all the energy is about that once the democrats get into campaign mode and they start talking what is going on with republicans and what republicans done and who built up the deficit and all the like. >> sean: they did it was their stimulus. >> quadrupled a deficit when it was already huge. >> sean: he did that >> he helped avoid a depression. >> putting on 10 pounds of weight is wrong, 40 pounds of weight is four times as wrong. >> we were on the verge of economic collapse he saves us from the brink and you blame him. >> sean: we robbed our kids and grandkids and unemployment at 10%. >> it could be a lot worse. >> sean: he promised it wouldn't go above eight. >> so he made a mistake. some on that's not rational. >> sean: if they were smart somebody would say open the
9:50 pm
c-span cameras. >> i'm all for transparency. do you think -- would you get a deal? would you get anything done? >> sean: no, the american people don't want this deal. >> you could pass a bill tomorrow no insurance mandate and none of the taxes. >> sean: more to talk about. straight ahead as we continue with our great, great american panel. ♪ ♪
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. >> sean: we continue with our great american panel. john you have written a lot about voter fraud. we now have a proposal for universal voter registration. there's a lot of talk after the health care bill is done we are gonna go back to an amnesty bill.
9:54 pm
do you think we're looking at an effort here -- voter integrity is acorn going to be back in the picture? >> ancorn-like procedures. barack obama's election showed the greatest voter turnout in 50 years. it is fairly easy to register. fill out a postcard, mail it in. but, the democrats in washington somehow seem to think we have a problem with people voting. so they are going to have all of the state laws in registration over written one size takes all, welfare lists, unemployment lists, property lists, driver's license lists that the states have and register people. >> sean: constitutional? >> it will go in court. by the time it goes to court he they will try to implement it. you are going to have massive chaos. lots of people own two pieces of property registered in both
9:55 pm
places. lots of people move around. you know when you move you don't get dropped from the rolls. you are going to have people double, tripled registered. >> also illegals? >> illegal aliens are on many lists. >> i think john is on to something. we do not want fraud. we want people who are properly registered to vote, voting. if had -- if this is about getting more team to vote who would be against that? >> there are eight states that allow you to show up register and vet the same day. five of those eight states saw voter turnout go down last november. it doesn't increase turn out. >> you have nothing to worry about then. >> i think they want to look the other way while people down at the local level -- >> that's the conspiracy theory. >> these people are from chicago. >> i understand your fear.
9:56 pm
it is good if more americans vote and get involved in politics. >> sean: if you don't have the discipline and desire to go and register, fill out your postcard, i just reregistered as a conservative in new york. because you can register as a conservative. if you don't have the gumption to do it, you are not going to vote any. if you don't put forth that basic effort and take advantage of the freedom you have, i don't think you should vote because you don't care enough. >> i don't think americans want to be held bay the hand. >> i don't want anything to be in your way sean, to prevent you from -- >> sean: nothing is preventing anybody. >> we should make it easy to vote and hard to cheat. >> there you go. i'm with you. >> by double counting people, registering them in more than one place, you are creating massive chaos. lots of people can use chaos for mischief. >> sean: let me move on to the debate i was having with
9:57 pm
michelle malkin. we ended up agreeing more than we disagreed. the full body scan, you know methods that are used at the airport. going to put it on the screen. do you have any problem with that? >> i don't have a problem with it. we haven't had a series of counterintelligence failures in this country in the last year. what happened in afghanistan with the cia, losing seven cia agents to a double agent. with the december bombing, the christmas bomber. the thing is, the thing that i maybe kind of take to, is the fact that we need better counterintelligence, we need to catch this before they get on the plane. >> sean: if you come from a foreign country it ought to be mandated. >> it is from the ones that are most likely to attack us, it is. >> sean: i don't want a guy with a in his crouch or underwear getting on a plane.
9:58 pm
do you have a problem going through one of those scanners? >> i just went through one. you feel like it is invasive. in fact, it is virtual. and the problem is, you know, like i just -- >> sean: you haven't seen it, it is all over the internet, that's juan williams. >> thank you. [ laughing ] [ talking over each other ] >> sean: one good looking guy there. >> women, i'm surprised sara say this a lot of women are a little nervous about images. >> certain people who have medical issues. people who have modesty issues. certain people paranoid about people looking at them. have them pay an extra five or ten dollars and they can have a special screening that doesn't involve it. >> they give you an option. you can get patted down. >> sean: i don't see any other
9:59 pm
way if somebody's a bomb in their underwear, i don't know how else you stop it. we ought to do those other things first. if a guy's father tells you that his son is an extremist, follow-up. >> follow-through. is anybody's head gonna roll because of this? we've seen this over and over again since september 11th. how many times do people say look outside the box? terrorists are not afraid to do what they need to do to attack us. >> sean: do these things first, then scan second. if we are going to scan, scan people in other countries coming here. maybe yemen. >> i give obama credit the 14 countries he has listed is a start towards common sense. >> sean: we end on a note of agreement there guess the whole show. >> who do you pick for the super bowl? >> sean: the jets.

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